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Introducing: inspirational menus for every occasion

Entertaining is a blast. Everyone coming together, catching up, laughing, and trying new foods is pure happiness. But it can be time consuming to cook up a menu that has all the necessary components. Enjoy my pre-planned menus, or use them as a base and change a couple of items to tailor the menu to suit your crowd.

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Passover Menu Ideas

Passover: a time for gathering, retelling our story, and worrying about what we will eat. But we worry in vain! Every year, we make it through this holiday without pizza, pasta, and the array of breads we are accustomed to. Here are some menu ideas to help you plan, get inspired, and focus on the widespread produce, meats, and dairy items that are kosher for passover. These recipes incorporate freshness, springtime, and are what I envision when thinking about Passover meals with friends and family. As we begin our spring cleaning and welcome the warm weather, let us also enjoy some inspiring flavors. I hope you enjoy! 

Thanksgiving Feast

Thanksgiving to me feels like more of a season than just one day. It’s the colors, aromas, and flavors of fall – nutmeg, squash, cinnamon, pumpkin…a fresh batch of the new vegetables that are in season. It’s fun to try new things and savor our favorites as we remain thankful for a special time to share a festive meal with those at our table.

Sukkot Menu Ideas

Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur meals perhaps have been planned, prepped, eaten (not forgotten about since they were hopefully so delicious). But more is yet to come. Sukkot, the last of our fall festivals, is on the horizon and we too must (continue to) eat. And eat well. Here are some delectables that incorporate freshness, the outdoors, and are what I envision when thinking about perfect fall meals in a Sukkah with friends and family. As we embrace the new year, let us also enjoy some exciting flavors. I hope you enjoy!

Rosh Hashanah Menu Ideas

The recipes on this menu are centered around the symbolic foods or Simanym, such as squash, leek, beets, beans, carrots, dates, apples, honey, and pomegranate. Holidays and entertaining should be enjoyable, so I like to bring a meal together with healthy, fun, and easy recipes. I hope this year, as we celebrate family, and pray for better times ahead, you are able to be in and out of the kitchen in a pinch of thyme, with a festive meal to serve whoever is seated at your table.

3 Picnic Menus You Can Gather in a Pinch

Whether your plans have you headed to the beach, a national park, for a long drive to visit family, or just to that patch of grass – don’t forget your picnic lunches! These easy to assemble menus are easy to plan ahead so on the day of, you are just assembling sandwiches and throwing everything into a cooler. Don’t forget seat cushions and utensils.

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