Sukkot Menu Ideas

Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur meals perhaps have been planned, prepped, eaten (not forgotten about since they were hopefully so delicious). But more is yet to come. Sukkot, the last of our fall festivals, is on the horizon and we too must (continue to) eat. And eat well. Here are some delectables that incorporate freshness, the outdoors, and are what I envision when thinking about perfect fall meals in a Sukkah with friends and family. As we embrace the new year, let us also enjoy some exciting flavors. I hope you enjoy!

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Quick Turmeric Chicken & Veggie Soup

A delicious, creamy (without the cream) soup with a bit of spice, the nutrients you need, and without hours of cooking.

Roasted Cauliflower & Pear Salad with Sweet Chili Dressing

If you’re still looking for the perfect salad to impress guests (but secretly want to eat it all yourself), you’ve found it! This salad is for the wanna-be adventurers, who want a little bit of exotic, but also still want their salad to be a salad. Greens – remember, it’s still a salad! – paired with pear (haha) roasted cauliflower, and a homemade sweet chili dressing – it’s perfectly balanced.

Chummus Greek Salad Platter

Chummus and Greek salad – unite! Pairing together a spread with scoop-able salad makes for a really fun and festive dish to be part of your appetizer course or main meal. It’s also super easy to throw together, yet looks beautiful on your table (not to mention yummy). Just spread the chummus onto part of a platter or plate, and add the salad all around.

Chicken Scarpariello

A classic Italian dish, literally translating to “the shoemaker’s sauce,” is layered with chicken, sausage, hot peppers, red onion, and baby potatoes. The combination creates a sauce that is delicate, spicy and perhaps the best part! Truly unique flavors, one pot, and so so delicious.


Moroccan Chicken

YUM. I cooked up this recipe one day when I was craving deep flavors, like that of a Moroccan tomato or carrot salad. But combined. I thought I would create a sauce using onions and tomatoes as the base, and threw in sliced rainbow carrots which paired well. You can use regular carrots too, but the rainbow carrots add additional pops of color which are nice when serving. The combination of the tomatoes, spices, and spicy pepper creates a perfect sauce to compliment the chicken.

Smokey Steak With Caramelized Onions

I love that I can enhance a simple steak dinner with a quick marinade and deliciously caramelized onions (seriously, each bite with onions takes the steak to a whole other level). For this recipe, I use sandwich steak, which is thinly sliced steak that cooks quickly. Here I use steak that is about 1/4 inch thick.


Mushroom & Kale Stuffed Chicken

Mushroom and kale stuffed baby chicken…need I say more? All those veggies rolled up inside the chicken, with a lemon-garlic-white wine sauce poured over the top. Serve on a platter with some large kale leaves on the side for a beautiful display. Feel free to swap kale for spinach – it works deliciously as well!

Baked Herbed Chicken Fingers

I always find the need to serve chicken fingers whenever there will be kids at a meal – even on special occasions. These are great fun. Not only are they much healthier than the store bought chicken fingers without sacrificing taste, they’ve been upgraded with some classic herbs, bringing the flavors up a few notches, and creating a look that is a bit more elegant than the regular variety, and adults love them too!

In a Pinch S’mores Brownies

I know, I know, baking from scratch is the right thing to do, but there just isn’t always time, and some pre-made mixes are reeeaallly good – I don’t want to mess with that. Well, ok I will mess a little. In this recipe, I add a little dazzle to turn ordinary brownie mix into s’mores brownies. Just because summer is over, doesn’t mean the fun has to end! 

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