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Chocolate & Berry Board


Who says wooden serving boards are just for cheese & wine parties? Here, I repurpose the classic appetizer board for a lavish dessert display that comes together oh so quickly. Feel free to use your favorite berries, nuts, and chocolates. The more textures the better, but stick to just a few colors. I like the browns of chocolate and nuts, mixed with the pop of color from the berries and minty green. If you have homemade brownies, add a stack onto the board as well. This is the time to get creative!

This dessert can also double as a centerpiece. It’s fun and beautiful to have it in the middle of the table for guests to look at. You can also assemble it on a side board, or on a large tray in the kitchen and move it to the table when it’s time for dessert.



Assemble your board: place berries in tall glasses or bowls – if you have ones of varying heights, perfect! Break the chocolate into pieces and place on the board. Add a couple of berries and mint leaves. Place remainder of mint in a mason jar or glass near the board.

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