3 Picnic Menus for the End of Summer that You Can Gather in a Pinch

Summer is almost over. That means back to school prep, Labor Day Weekend plans, and trying to get in the last beach visits, picnics, and as much outdoor time as possible. Whether your plans have you headed to the beach, a national park, for a long drive to visit family, or just to that patch of grass – don’t forget your picnic lunches! These easy to assemble menus are easy to plan ahead so on the day of, you are just assembling sandwiches and throwing everything into a cooler. Don’t forget seat cushions and utensils.

Gourmet Picnic

Leftover chicken salad sandwiches


Corn salad or sesame cabbage slaw

Grapes & gourmet popcorn

Freshly squeezed OJ

Fruit & Veggie Picnic

Grilled vegetable sandwiches

Crackers with assorted cheeses

Tomato salad

Fresh berries with whipped cream

Wine [and lemonade for the kids]

Early Rise Picnic

Frittata wedges

Jicama fries

Fresh salad

Fresh watermelon cut into cubes

Coffee peanut butter banana smoothies

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