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Gourmet Popcorn with Sea Salt, Caramel & Chocolate


Popcorn is one of my favorite snacks, and I love serving a homemade gourmet popcorn at parties and gatherings, especially in small individual bags for everyone to munch on or take home. Gourmet popcorn also makes a much appreciated hostess gift when placed in a decorative bag or jar with a ribbon. Without all the unnatural additives, homemade popcorn is a great snack to keep on hand, and can be whipped up in just 10-15 minutes.

Caramel, chocolate and sea salt are a wonderful combination and pretty much a crowd pleaser, so it’s a great place to start if you’re making your first batch. Feel free to get creative and add your favorite toppings!



Heat oil in a large pot with a lid. Add the corn kernels and cover. After about 5 minutes, the kernels will begin popping. Cook until all kernels have been popped, shaking the pot occasionally. Transfer to a baking sheet or pan and drizzle with caramel. Sprinkle the sea salt, add the chocolate and toss gently. Serve immediately or store in sealed bags or containers.

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