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Sheet Pan Asian Chicken

This is a yummy and quick way to prepare a one dish flavorful meal on a busy weeknight. Simply toss the chicken, vegetables and marinade onto a baking sheet pan and roast for 20 minutes. While it’s cooking, prepare rice or sesame noodles to go with it and you have dinner on the table in …

Tuesday Tacos

Any night can be taco night with this easy and flavorful spice mix. Skip the prepackaged mixes that are loaded with salt and MSG and whip this up in a pinch. You can even make a batch ahead of time and keep it in your spice cabinet for taco night! When ready to prepare, it …

Eggplant In Alfredo Sauce

I’ve been cooking a lot with eggplant lately, and one day I thought wouldn’t this be delicious with a garlic Alfredo sauce? The result was a huge success at home and when shared with friends. It was total comfort food – creamy, cheesy, and garlicky – yet the star of the dish was a vegetable! …

Sheet Pan Chicken Fajitas

Isn’t it the greatest when you can toss a protein with some veggies on a baking sheet pan and have a meal ready in 20 minutes? I like preparing different variations for different weeknights to make things easy yet interesting. You can serve this sheet pan chicken fajitas with tortillas, a fresh tomato salad and …


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